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We know that without understanding the whole picture - your business and its finances - its next to impossible to manage one any particular aspect of the business. 

Our Account Manager will spend time with your staff to understand the key drivers of your business.  He will also spend time dealing with the detail of the transactions of the business so that he gains an in depth understanding of the finances of the business.

The Account Manager then put these together to:

  • structure the way the financial data is captured
  • create effective communication processes between your business and us
  • create a suite of reports designed around your business

The reports you need to make the best informed decisions about the business are accurate, concise, up to date and relevant to the key drivers of the business.

These have included customer profitability and cashflow, departmental costs against budget, site by site profits, performance by salesman, and many others.  But what's important is that they need to be designed around you business.